Lily Grace is a true romantic. As cliché as it is, she loves love. It is a simple as that. The passion has come from finding love and losing it, then finding true love again and losing that to where she is able to invest in the love that surrounds her and all individuals and couples that she is exposed to. The love that surrounds that one special day is something that cannot be explained but only felt, and that feeling, is what Lily Grace bridal desires to celebrate.

Lily Grace has a desire to know the love story of their clients. To explore the love growth between a couple, their families and any future additions to their family. Love doesn’t exist for just one wedding day; Love is eternal in its own right and to be able to go on a journey with a couple and to know the stories that built that relationship is a one off story for every couple that the world holds. The wedding day is only the start of a new kind of love and celebrations to be seen and Lily Grace Bridal cannot wait to celebrate this with you.

Lily Grace Bridal is a boutique located on the Central Coast of New South Wales for brides to make appointments to try on/visit our dresses. We stock a range of designs and sizes to fit any bride.